Useful Links

Useful Links

Worldwide Marriage Encounter England and Wales works in partnership with other organisations to support marriage throughout a lifetime. Below are some of our partners and useful resources.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has a number of other Christian expressions:

Anglican Marriage Encounter
Find out more about the Anglican expression of Marriage Encounter at their website:

Baptist Marriage Encounter
Find out more about the Baptist expression of Marriage Encounter at their website:

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Marriage Support Resources:

Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations
The Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations exists out of a shared desire to be united around our service to the Church and our commitment to offer clearer, more joined-up pathways of support for couples. The Alliance recognises that this commitment is best achieved through the deepening of our relationships – not formal structures – but with the hope that a more visible display of our unity will be a blessing to the Church and the couples we serve.

Marriage & Family Life
Marriage & Family Life supports the specific pastoral initiatives prioritised by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales in the area of marriage and family life:

Engaged Encounter
Part of Marriage Encounter England & Wales offering, marriage preparation weekends to help engaged couples get ready for their big day and their lifetime together.

Marriage Care
Marriage preparation and support, for engaged couples, and counselling for couples/individuals in relationship distress.

A programme of hope helping couples heal and renew their marriages. You can learn to Forgive, Trust, and Love again, it is never too late!

Teams of Our Lady
Marriage enrichment through grouping couples together for regular meetings, spiritual reflection and relationship enrichment.

Two in One Flesh
Couple resources, books and online, based on Scripture, to aid growth in relationship with each other and with God.

Marriage Week UK
Marriage Week is an annual celebration of marriage. It is run by Marriage Foundation, which was set up to tackle the problem of family breakdown by championing stable relationships within marriage.

The fundamental message of Marriage Foundation and Marriage Week is that marriage is worth investing in, because all the research shows that stable families make for happier children and grown-ups, and a happier wider community. Married couples who work at their marriage are more likely to stay together and be that stable family, leading to a happier society. At Marriage Week, we help people do that work.

When to pray
Do you think that praying together makes a difference to couples’ relationships?
We believe so. Life changes when we pray together. When2Pray is here to help couples to pray together so that they can live life to the full and grow together. Prayer makes a difference, especially when two do it. If you want to know more about prayer then explore the when2pray website

The Explore Experience
What We Do:
We empower young adults to explore what it takes to create and sustain happy, healthy and loving long-term relationships.
We are a UK registered educational charity, created in 2000. We run sessions, mainly in schools, for groups of 14 to 17-year-olds to provide a unique opportunity to explore the realities of lasting relationships in today’s world.
We work with real-life volunteer couples who open themselves up to questioning by young adults, enabling them to think differently about love, commitment and long-term relationships.
Please visit the Explore website for more details: