Living in the joy of together

Living in the joy of together...

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Worldwide Marriage Encounter

We all need to revitalise our togetherness. All too easily we get distracted from the really important things. When we are living the joy of together, then our friends and families are blessed too.

The Marriage Encounter Experience offers you the opportunity to refresh, enrich and deepen your relationship; to bring the love, joy and sparkle back into your life”.

This marriage enrichment experience does just that. It is the opportunity for some precious quality time to focus on your relationship. It is all too easy to find ourselves in a rut. We can lose sight of what it was like when we first fell in love. But your marriage is so very precious, and Marriage Encounter was born from this starting point. Marriage is a vocation and at times a challenging one. If you are not consciously working to keep it alive then it will lose its spark and disenchantment can set in.  All of this is also true for Priests and Religious. We are all called to be in a relationship with our spouse or community and if we don’t nourish those relationships then they will start to weaken.

This is what moved Fr Gabriel Calvo, 60 years ago in Spain, to put together a program of enrichment for married couples. In 1966, the programme was taken to the Spanish speaking part of America, where, realising its potential, it was developed into a more formal weekend programme by a Jesuit priest, Fr Chuck Gallagher. From there it grew and spread across America.
In 1971, Fr Michael Hickey experienced one of these weekends while in America and asked for it to be brought to England. The first weekend took place here in 1972. It has been presented every year since.
Today Worldwide Marriage Encounter is present in over 90 countries, and continuing to expand in China, Russia, Cuba and the UAE.
We are here because we want you to experience the often life changing event of participating in a Marriage Encounter Experience. There is so much to discover.

We are also proud to be part of the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations which aim to support Marriages at all stages of relationship.