Marriage in Crisis

Marriage in Crisis

Accompanying Couples over a Lifetime

Life is a “full bowl of roses” … or is it? Life has always been complex and convolute. Yes, there are many, many, good times … and yes, there are many just OK times … and yes of course, there are times of sadness, difficulty, anger, hurt and disappointment. And perhaps, in todays modern world, life has grown even more complex and convolute. The pressures, the pace, the expectations are that much more frenetic.
The Church recognises this. It also recognises that as we journey through our lives, at different stages in our lives we find ourselves in diverse situations and circumstances. We have changing needs that perhaps require a range of more specific help and support to guide us through.

“…pastoral accompaniment needs to go beyond the actual celebration of the sacrament. In this
regard, experienced couples have an important role to play… with the cooperation of associations,
ecclesial movements and new communities.”

Pope Francis, The Joy of Love #223

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Marriage and Family Life, have given their blessing to the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations in England and Wales.
The Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations exists out of a shared desire to be united around our service to the Church and our commitment to offer clearer, more joined-up pathways of support for couples. The  Alliance recognises that this commitment is best achieved through the deepening of our relationships – not formal structures – but with the hope that a more visible display of our unity will be a blessing to the Church and the couples we serve.

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