What others are saying....

What others are saying....

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Looking for the opportunity to invest in each other. To look back and see how we can enrich our
relationship. It’s not just now, here for the weekend, but how we can carry on when we get

We were at quite a low point when we went on our Weekend and it really turned things around
for us. It helped us to re-focus on our relationship and showed us how we could live out the
marriage vows that we had made to each other.
I was not at all keen to come at first, but I went for us as a couple and our family. And it turned
out to be like beginning from scratch, a fresh start. The renewal of our wedding vows was the
moment for me.

Our Weekend was very special because it helped me to understand you and to get to know you
better. It also gave me a real tool for communicating my feelings and understanding your
For me, the Weekend was an opportunity to revive something magical about our relationship.
It’s not about you being part of my adventure, but for my life to be an adventure in relationship
with you.

Spending time together and focusing on talking and listening … communicating with each other.
Realising that other couples experience the same problems and issues as we have.
Recognising that we have to put effort into our relationship if we want it to work. Sitting back
and being passive about it does not work. We need to make our relationship a priority above all
the other things in our lives.

We were lucky to go on a Marriage Encounter Weekend, because after nearly 25 years you begin
to take things for granted. The Weekend took us back to when we first met, and now we are
working to recapture those times.
I thought that we communicated in a good way, but the Weekend showed me how to
communicate in a deeper way and how important it is to find more time for each other. In the
world, work begins to take over, but if we are together, we are strong and can face the

The Weekend transformed our lives. I gained a clearer understanding of what our marriage
really means to us. I have always been committed to our marriage, but the Weekend revealed
the true meaning of our sacrament.
It has helped us to rediscover ourselves but also to realise how we can help and show our love to
others. One of the greatest blessing is the gift of how our relationship has affected our children.
They have noticed the difference in us, and they feel more secure in our family.

The Weekend made our marriage come alive. It has brought so much fun back into our lives that
Marriage Encounter had become a part of our lives. Our focus is on us, our children, our family
and all those around us. We would not live any other way.

Marriage Encounter has brought us to a community of people who are very similar in their ways
of thinking, have the same values and basically want a life that is full of love and joy. It has also
opened up a new spiritual aspect to our lives, our involvement in our church and parish

I had a lot of apprehension about coming to the Weekend. It was my wife’s idea. But I learned a
lot on the Weekend that I did not expect. It was an oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of our
work lives, our family lives. Such an opportunity to talk about ourselves and our couple
relationship was of special value.
I also did not know what to expect, but it was a life changer.

It has affected our future, because we now know what and how to move forward with our lives,
our relationship and our children.
A wonderful weekend, it helped us to solve problems and gain so much experience of how to
live together. Before, we did not know much about these things, but now, as a couple we are
going out with joy and hope.