Scripture Readings for Weddings

Scripture Readings for Weddings

The Readings are very important. In them God speaks to us, so they should reflect your idea of the meaning of love and marriage.

A selection of readings is given below. You have these options:

  • An Old Testament Reading, a Psalm, and a Gospel Reading
  • A New Testament Reading, a Psalm, and a Gospel Reading
  • An Old and a New Testament Reading, a Psalm and Gospel

The Priest proclaims the Gospel. The other Readings, the Psalm, and the Bidding Prayers (Intercessions), are usually read by members of the family or by friends. Readers should be well-prepared, and understand the need to make sure that everyone in the congregation can hear and understand what is said.

You will have spent a lot of time discussing guest lists, wedding dresses, catering arrangements, and the honeymoon so we are sure you will also want to spend a lot of time on this important part of your Wedding Day.