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What is the Weekend?

What is the Weekend?

The weekend  – whether an Engaged Encounter or a Marriage Encounter – is for couples intending to marry, who are already married or in a long-term relationship who want to deepen and enrich their relationships.

Engaged Encounter weekends are divided into a number of short sessions. Each session begins with a presentation by an experienced team couple and a priest, in which they talk about their own experiences of marriage.

After this, couples are invited to reflect on a question and to write about their reaction to what has been said. Then they share their views with each other. This “working time” is private between the couple throughout the weekend. The only time everyone is asked to speak out loud is to introduce themselves at the beginning.

An Engaged Encounter weekend will give you precious time together, away from all the distractions of the wedding preparations – a real opportunity for quality time with each other.

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Marriage Encounter Weekends are usually residential – from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon. It is a strictly private experience between each couple. There are no group dynamics. Throughout the weekend, presentations are given to the group as a whole, but after each presentation, the husband and wife have time for their own personal discussion in the privacy of their own room. The only time everyone is asked to speak out is to introduce themselves to the group at the beginning. It is a busy, structured Weekend.

Read testimonies of people who have attended a Marriage Encounter weekend.

Find out more by reading our frequently asked questions, or if you’re ready, book your weekend now!

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