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Marriage Enrichment Testimonies

Watch or read some recent video testimonies from couples who have experienced a marriage enrichment weekend


If you just want a flavour of what a Marriage Encounter Weekend is like read the soundbite testimonies below; if you want to know more read the detailed testimonies.


The weekend was a real eye opener, it helped us to look at ourselves as
individuals and as a couple. The weekend helped us to focus on our Feelings and
avoid attack and guilt. It gave us time and space which we desperately needed
for our relationship, for this we will always grateful, the next steps depend on us
Very informative, inspirational and life changing

This weekend has made a great change to our lives. The whole process has brought light back into our marriage

A wonderful weekend which gave us time just for us and to reflect on what is important to us at the moment.

A Little More Detail

Our group was exceptionally small, which for us was perfect. After 44 years of marriage we got to know each other in a much deeper way, sharing our thoughts and feelings in a way that we never imagined possible. It was time just for us. At the end of the weekend we felt very close to each other. This new openness has continued and we would encourage everyone to try Marriage Encounter for themselves. We wish we’d gone on an encounter weekend years ago.

Peter & Denise Johnson

We found the weekend truly enlightening. It allowed us time to find ourselves as a couple. It was inspiring to hear the presenting couples with their stories. It was emotional, but we were able to tackle and solve issues that we needed to for years. We found the priest very inspiring. There was a lot of love and acceptance on the weekend. The whole event was very well organised, the food was great…The whole experience changed our relationship for the better. We would recommend the Marriage Encounter Weekend to everyone.

Paul & Emily Hobson

Our ME weekend has brought us much closer in our married life. Our love, which had reached a plateau before our weekend, has blossomed and we are more like a young couple than one of 42 years standing! We are communicating now rather than just being together. The result is that we share anything and everything and love to spend quality time with one another.

Andy & Sandy Curd

Detailed Testimonies

Every Married Couple Should Do This Weekend!
Wow! After 26 years of marriage we found ourselves enjoying the delight of discovering each other again, just like when we were courting – quite remarkable!
Tony says: As soon as we returned from the Marriage Encounter Weekend we both couldn’t wait to enthuse to all our friends about this delightful weekend for married couples, whereby couples focus in a private and simple way on each other and appreciating what they have. Strangely many people hadn’t even heard of it.
As a couple Sian and I have always recognised the importance of communication; and take an evening each week for us to have some ’romantic’ time and thought we were doing quite well, despite the busy demands of our 6 children.
Before the weekend, Sian had presumed that it was going to be some kind of ‘religious’ event, so she rolled her eyes skyward whenever we referred to the Marriage Encounter weekend we had booked. It wasn’t at all religious.
On our return home though, Sian was convinced that every married couple should attend a Marriage Encounter weekend, since they will be so delighted with the effects on their relationship and future ease of communication. Within a week Sian had persuaded 4 of her friends to book a Marriage Encounter weekend.
We now have many more meaningful glances and little smiles with each other…. even during a busy day. We talk more readily and easily – and it seems I have become more understanding and attentive too.
Every married couple should do a Marriage Encounter weekend – and be delighted!!
Sian says: Tony is a generous and considerate husband but he is very skilled in discussion and argument – sometimes hard work to be married to!
I can be “a little” stubborn and find myself avoiding meaningful discussions about things. Our discussions easily turned into arguments.
Since our Marriage Encounter Weekend, many things changed for the better. The communication method we learned has allowed us to have much easier discussions and heart sharing now, which we are both thrilled about. Things are much better now.
This has changed our relationship from one of simple little formulas that usually work for each other and which helped us “get by”, to a marriage now of easy and loving exchanges and often surprising insight into where the other person is coming from. It reminds us of our courting days – Amazing but true! Even after 26 years, everything seems so much better now.
We were delighted with the Marriage Encounter weekend and we both agree – we somehow appreciate and love each other more now.

Sian and Tony Fodor

We first heard about Marriage Encounter Weekends in 1979 in a family magazine called ‘Catholic Life’. When I (Joy) read the article I felt a tinge of excitement well up inside me and I immediately wanted for us to go on a Weekend! I explained about it very briefly to Bill and suggested that he read the article but he was very defensive and said “okay, what are you not happy about then?”
I, Bill, wasn’t really interested as I thought it was some form of marriage guidance or counselling. I knew that I wasn’t the perfect husband, we had been married for 10 years, had three lovely children and life had changed a lot since we were first married. Sleepless nights, the demands of children and working overtime to make ends meet had gradually had an effect on both of us and life was often very stressful and hard work. There seemed to be very little time or energy left for us ‘as a couple’. We loved each other and were faithful and committed to each other and tried to be the best parents we could for our children but the romantic sparkle seemed to have gradually disappeared from our lives and we took each other for granted.
Eventually I did decide to read the magazine article which gave an account of how three couples experienced the M.E. Weekend and what it meant to them. I had to admit to myself that the accounts were quite uplifting and inspiring. The couples seemed to be quite normal whereby they didn’t ‘have it made’ nor did they have any major problems. I agreed to find out more first which, eventually, led us to going on a Weekend a couple of months later.
It was an excellent idea to have a weekend away from all the distractions of home and to spend some quality time together, focussing on each other and on our relationship. It was very non-threatening and yet challenging. The topics covered were very enlightening and we were most inspired by the couples and priest presenting the Weekend who were extremely open and honest with each other and with all of us who were listening to them.
We were relieved that it was very much a private experience and whatever we discussed was just between the two of us. It was very freeing to talk deeply with each other knowing that we didn’t have to reveal anything we said to anyone else. We were surprised how much we discovered about ourselves as well as learning more about each other. We also gained new insights into the Sacramental aspect of our marriage which was a real eye opener to us!
We ended up leaving the Weekend feeling more in love with each other than when we first got married! When we got back home, we discovered that our relationship with our children and other people were affected in the same way. We seemed to have more love inside us and gradually developed a different attitude to life generally. We also were aware that we felt closer to God but couldn’t grasp how and why that happened at the time.
We certainly had an amazing experience and are still reaping the rewards but that’s only because we have continued to live out what we learnt on our M.E. Weekend. Having said that, we can easily slip back into our old ways but at least now we know how to get ourselves back on track.
It is because we found the whole experience so enlightening and life-changing that we still have a great yearning for other couples to go! Our only regret is that we didn’t go on our Marriage Encounter Weekend years earlier.

Bill & Joy Reilly